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With all of the entertainment options available for you to pick from for your company party entertainment, you want to make sure you get the best entertainment for your company holiday party this Christmas.  I have been entertaining and engaging with fun holiday parties for over 25 years in Vancouver and across North America.  And I have see the best Christmas party, the best company entertainment, and the best theme parties that you could imagine.  There is always one thing that these fun party’s all had in common; they all had fun holiday entertainment!

Imagine for a moment that you host a holiday company party with all of your employees, their spouses, the board of directors and special VIPs.  You have a nice venue, great food, elaborate décor and the drinks are flowing – everything is going great right up to the time that the entertainer you hired to perform for you and your team takes the stage – is he going to be good? Is he going to WOW your Christmas party?  This is the moment of truth.

Here is why hiring a hypnotist for your company party makes so much sense.  The vast majority of people that are in attendance at your company Christmas party have never had the opportunity to see a hypnotist performance in person, or even on TV.  This is a unique entertainment idea for your holiday party.  Instantly your party’s attention is fixated on the stage hypnotist, his words mesmerizing and entrancing everyone.  As a Comedy Stage Hypnotist, Scott Christie uses comedy to loosen everyone up and sets aside any misconceived thoughts that all the hypnotist wants to do is make people do stupid things.  Once your audience becomes engaged and excited about the holiday stage show being laid out before their very eyes they realize instantly that this is going to be a fun holiday party full of laughter and amazement.

You see, Experience really does matter when it comes to hiring a great entertainer for your company party this year.  Just like the food you are serving your guests, your entertainment needs to be the best entertainment and the funniest entertainment that you can deliver, and Scotts 25+ years of stage performance and hypnosis will absolutely impress everyone this year at your company holiday party!  Anything less would be like serving cheap food. And you are too smart to do that – right?