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Meet Scott Christie - The Impossible Hypnotist

Buckle up and get ready to be profoundly fascinated, mesmerized and empowered! Scott’s massively entertaining hypnosis show fuses the incredible power of your mind with his extraordinary stage presence, comedy and showmanship.

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About Scott – Scott Christie is widely regarded as the most sought after Comedy Hypnotist in Canada and also a touring Stage Hypnotists across North America. His ability to instantly create fun with a crowd, interact with audience members and get them up on stage and hypnotized to become the stars of the show is the “secret sauce” that has helped his popularity grow and thrive. Scott is the creator of “The Impossible Hypnotist show”, “Star Roars Parody Hypnosis Show” and new, “The Vegas Show” and the "Wild and Wacky Wedding Hypnotist Show"

With 3 decades of experience in the entertainment business, Scott has a deep love for making people laugh and escape their reality for a while. In the late 80’s Scott began using his unique “gift of entertainment” to take the stage and entertain audiences at company events with great success.

Scott truly believes that each day provide the opportunity to grow as a person. Striving to be the very best Stage Hypnotist, Scott has mentored and trained with the top stage hypnotists in North America. It is because of the personal one on one training, association and friendships that Scott has created over the years that he has been able to transform his hypnosis shows into fascinating productions of never seen “themed shows” that have become incredibly popular and fun for audiences to watch and participate in.

Scott’s range of expertise includes Stage Entertainment, Private Hypnosis and Empowerment Sessions, Key Note Presentations, Teaching and Training Workshops and Event Management Services. His approach is always professional and detail-oriented, and his clients describe him as passionate, charismatic, honest, empowering, hard-working and flexible.


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In The Press

Interview with Scott Christie – iHeart Radio, Backstage Pass with Victoria

Backstage Pass with Victoria is a podcast on iHeart Rado. Victoria was hypnotized on stage at Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta Georgia.

Wild Adventures adds hypnotist to summer fun – WALB News NBC

Jamie at WALB News gets hypnotized Live on TV. Watch the outrageous fun as Scott talks about his 6 month run of Hypnosis Shows at Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta Georgia.

Tv live News Hour hypnosis – CFJC Midday News

Serious fun as Kayla gets hypnotized live on the Noon News Hour – Amazing!

Hypnotist’s show to benefit Superfluity Store – Peace Arch News

“The popular thrift store – stymied in raising funds for equipment and programs at the hospital due to a recent fire that forced temporary closure – will be the big beneficiary of ‘Mind Master’ Scott Christie’s show this Saturday at 8 p.m.”

Hypnotist Shares The Secrets To Holiday Party Success – The Huffington Post

“From Entertainment to Empowerment, Scott Christie, known as the Impossible Hypnotist, harnesses the power of his audience’s minds to have them imagine the most impossible and ridiculous situations. This creates a fun and outrageous experience as everyone laughs and participates in the hilarity. Meanwhile, there are massive benefits manifesting itself in the minds of everyone involved.”

Vancouver Hypnotist Scott Christie shares a wealth of secrets – The Daily Moss

“When asked about the Scott Christie Impossible Hypnotist, John Aldwich, CEO of a fortune 500 company said: “We chose to listen to Stage Hypnotist Scott Christie to improve morale; we are so glad that we did. He created a new buzz around the water cooler””

Comedy show part of open house at Newton drug-treatment facility – The Now Newspaper

“It’s a themed hypnosis show, and it includes a wild, wacky trip to Las Vegas, where I take volunteers from the audience,” he explained. “We’ll reproduce the fun stuff that happens in Vegas, such as winning slot machine, seeing the big stars perform as well, and my volunteers will become the stars of the show.”

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”It was hard to believe that it was actually happening in front of our eyes.I have not laughed that hard in many years.“

~ Linda Miller, Vancouver Event Planner

"It was certainly the student’s highlight of their night, as they all left laughing and smiling."

~ Jeremy Bartlett, Safe School Liaison, Surrey School District

"Our guests came away from Scott’s shows wanting more, many stayed on our grounds longer than they had planned just to return to Scott’s next show."

~ Pat DiMaggio, Hopkinton State Fair, New Hampshire

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