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* This year, let your guests become the "Stars of the show"

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The Best Event Entertainment

Scott's hypnosis stage show is all about high the interaction with the volunteers on stage as well as in the audience, and Scott Christie knows how to work his magic, whether it's a small gathering or a packed house. The bigger the audience, the more mind-blowing the show becomes.

This year more than ever people want to have fun, laugh and experience a night of stress relief. Have your guests laugh out loud and enjoy themselves while watching or participating in Scott's outrageous Comedy Hypnosis stage show - Small groups welcome!

”It was hard to believe that it was actually happening in front of our eyes.I have not laughed that hard in many years.“

~ Linda Miller, Vancouver Event Planner

"It was certainly the student’s highlight of their night, as they all left laughing and smiling."

~ Jeremy Bartlett, Safe School Liaison, Surrey School District

"Our guests came away from Scott’s shows wanting more, many stayed on our grounds longer than they had planned just to return to Scott’s next show."

~ Pat DiMaggio, Hopkinton State Fair, New Hampshire

Scott Christie

Comedy Stage Hypnotist, Motivational Speaker & Trainer

Buckle up and get ready to be profoundly fascinated, mesmerized and empowered! Scott’s massively entertaining hypnosis show fuses the incredible power of your mind with his extraordinary stage presence, comedy and showmanship making your holiday event entertainment or Grad hypnosis show absolutely unforgettable, for all of the right reasons.

Full of outrageous fun and laughter, Scott Christie’s Stage Comedy Hypnotist Shows, and Presentations engage audiences of all ages. The incredible power of the volunteer’s imagination and power of belief are at the center of Scotts Hypnotic Journey that seems to be limitless as his show continues to amaze and wow audience’s year after year.

Scott began impressing his Vancouver audiences in the late 80's as a stage entertainer at company events and the fun has never stopped. For over 30 years Scott has demonstrated a unique ability to inspire, entertain and even educate, while at the same time, providing fun for his volunteers and audiences alike.

His “Change Your Reality” presentation is known for taking his volunteers beyond entertainment to empowerment. Ultimately, through demonstration, Scott delivers unique positive programming tools that provide audiences the power to change the results that they are creating in their everyday life.

Always respectful, Scott, leads you through a fast-paced hypnotic journey that produces outrageous laughter, fun and leaves audiences rolling in the aisles.

You want your guests to rave about your event like this!

Book the Impossible Hypnotist Show This year!

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Hypnotist Shows to Entertain Your Guests

Scott customizes each show to match the needs of your event. From Company Events and Weddings to County and State Fairs, Scott's interactive hypnotist shows are always a hit with the volunteers and audiences!

Best Wedding Entertainment Idea Ever!

Fun and quality entertainment for your attendees. Infused with unforgettable positive and teambuilding messages - Scott's Hypno show is a Standing Ovation!

Christmas and Holiday Party Entertainment

Celebrate your Holiday Party this year with something unique and entertaining. Scott's Interactive Hypnosis Show is clean, fun and will be the sensational hit of the night!

Custom Expo and Fair Hypnosis Shows

Wild and Wacky Hypnotist Shows keep your audiences coming back for me of the interactive fun on stage. Shows customized to match your themes and need.

Dry Grad Celebration Entertainment

The Impossible Hypnotist Show has become the Must Have entertainment for Vancouver Grads. Fast paced and outrageous, this show is FUN and Exciting!

Conference and AGM Entertainment

Fun and quality entertainment for your attendees. Infused with unforgettable positive and teambuilding messages - Scott's Hypno show is a Standing Ovation!

FUNdraisers and Community Entertainment

Put the FUN back in this year's Fundraiser. The Impossible Hypnotist show is engaging, outrageous and will have everyone feeling Generous and Positive.

Keynote Presentations and Workshops

Imagine what you and your team could accomplish if success was a core belief? "Change Your Reality" Is Scott's most sought after and inspiring presentation.

FUN Events anywhere Worldwide

Scott Christie is available for any event anywhere. Scott regularly travels across North America and the Globe entertaining, Hypnotizing and mesmerizing audiences.

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Dry Grad Hypnotist Show

Fair and Expo Hypnotist Show

“I’ve been told that entertainment is in my blood, and in fact, I believe I have the best job in the world. For over three decades I have amazed audiences across North America, and I love to hear the laughter as I entertain and empower my guests with my creative and unique hypnosis shows and presentations. – I’m inspired to dazzle you.”

~ Scott Christie The Impossible Hypnotist


Scott and The Impossible Hypnotist Show is available. Book a Hypnotist Show for this years event!

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i Entertain

For over 2 decades I have amazed, dazzled and entertained guests and audiences in Vancouver and across North America, and now it’s time for you and your guests to experience what many are calling the most outrageously entertaining show in Vancouver – Scott Christie’s Impossible Hypnotist Show.

Great entertainment always starts with your expectations and goals. Once outlined, I can put together an experience for your event or audience that not only meets your expectations but leaves your guests raving about all of the fun they had at your event. Imagine your guests arriving at your event excited for the entertainment that you have lined up for them. The buzz in the room escalates as the main show time draws closer. When I work with you, the entertainment always starts before your guests arrive at the event.

Entwining my outrageous hypnotic suggestions and theatrical stage presence with the volunteers of my show, audiences both large and small will witness an entertainment experience like no other. I have been told that entertainment is in my blood, and in fact, I feel that I have the best job in the world. I really love hearing the oohs, aahs and laughter as guests and audiences are amazed and entertained with my creative and unique hypnosis shows.

Since the late 80’s, I have been professionally entertaining audiences of hundreds and even thousands. From Private Events, Company Parties, Fairs, Schools and Graduation Celebrations, I have worked with literally thousands of events to put together a unique entertainment experience for their guests. Entertainment available in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Seattle and all across North America.

i Inspire

Imagine what you could accomplish if you really, deep down, in your subconscious, believed that you could do anything? Everything I incorporate into my presentations, shows or trainings revolves around one main concept – The Power Of Belief! For years I have been a student of how the mind works. I know first hand, how powerful your thoughts are and what can be accomplished once someone truly believe in something.

Once understood, the power of belief, can allow anyone to accomplish outrageous, memorable and remarkable things. In my unforgettably funny comedy hypnosis show, I use the power of focused belief to create situations that have people laughing out loud as my volunteers discover themselves in a world of shrinking underwear, pregnant men and many other outlandish scenarios.

During my stage shows, presentations, workshops and training courses, I encourage and teach my audiences to harness the power of belief. By understanding some simple truths and learning how to incorporate these into their everyday lives, I have seen people completely change their reality… and in turn, change their lives.

i Teach

“Change Your Reality, Change Your life” is my powerful workshop that teaches people to focus on overcoming their individual limiting belief systems. For many, it’s overcoming a fear, a habit or implementing a change in their life that they do not believe that they have the power to accomplish – yet.

At some point in everyone’s life, they have heard that they were not good enough, or not strong enough, or too short, too tall, too heavy, lazy and the list goes on… and guess what, they believed it and it has paralyzed their life or their ability to achieve success since then. The only reason that this thought or limiting self-belief has the power to control people is because they really believe it to be true.

My “Change Your Reality, Change Your Life” workshops and breakfast trainings are designed to help people and teams discover how this pattern first took hold of them, how it is holding them back from success and to implement some very successful habits that will stop this pattern of self-sabotage. The best part of my training and teaching – through the use of Hypnosis and demonstrations of belief, you and your team will discover how much power you actually have in your own life and will start to make remarkable changes right away.

i Hypnotize

Yes, it’s true people can be hypnotized! And it’s this intrigue of hypnosis that fascinates so many people and makes my show so amazing and compelling. Many of your guests will come to participate in the Impossible Hypnotist Show to see if they can actually be hypnotized and feel the sensation of hypnosis – Some of them will become the celebrities of the night. I an a Vancouver Hypnotist, but do travel and preform shows across Canada, The USA and Mexico.

Additionally, many of your guests will come to witness ,for themselves, these mysterious phenomena. Either way, your audience will witness the power of hypnosis, and the hysterically funny reactions when the hypnotized volunteers are lead from one ridiculous scenario into another throughout my Hypnotist show.

You have to see it to believe it!

Do Not Miss This Opportunity To Have Scott Christie Entertain At Your Event

Outstanding, Fun and entertaining, The Impossible Hypnotist, Scott Christie will bring the fun and memories that you are searching for.

Enjoy the comfort and assurance of working with a true professional entertainer.

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